Thursday, 4 June 2015

Talkative Thursday high street vs Poundland!

Hey everyone! Time for another talkative Thursday! I have seen a lot of high street vs high end blog posts. I love them, I only shop within the high street due to being a student and not having much money. I find it interesting to see how much a difference there is between 2 similar products that cost very different amounts! I love a bargain and to save money, so when I saw Poundland selling nail remover pots, I wondered how this would compare to my Maybelline express remover pot I have.

Pretty no more nail art costs £1 compared to Maybelline's one costing £4.99. The Maybelline's express remover has 75 ml of product compared to the Pretty one which has 50ml, but for £4.99 you can buy nearly five nail varnish remover pots! The designs are different too with the Pretty one going for a more jagged design, compared to the smooth design of the Maybelline one. It should also be noted Maybelline's express remover is acetone free where as the Pretty one is not.

The nail varnishes I have used left to right are Nails inc leather effect, Models own Bluebelle, Essie in the shade Braziliant, Barry M nail paint shade 293 and Revlon's top speed nail varnish in the shade 880. I love nail varnish effect nail varnishes so I added the Nails Inc leather effect and the Models Own bluebelle which is a glittery nail varnish as these can be difficult to remove with nail varnish remover. I wanted to use different nail varnish companies which is why I chose the five I did. All the nails used NYC's clear nail varnish shade 138 as a base and due to the Nails Inc leather effect not requiring a top coat, no top coat was used throughout.

5 Nail varnishes used.

The Maybelline's express remover is larger which allows your whole nail to fit inside, this was the main issue of the Poundland equivalent, most but not all nail varnish was removed. One plus size for the pretty nail varnish remover is that it tackled Models Own Bluebelle much better, this is due to using an Acetone nail varnish remover. The Pretty nail varnish remover pot did hurt a little bit when I removed nail varnish from my thumb, this is due to quite hard bristles where as the Maybelline one uses a sponge which is much softer to use.


My opinion? I think the Maybelline express remover won, but it was really close! For those who do not mind using an acetone nail varnish remover should try the Pretty one, for £1 it is a bargain! The main problem with the Pretty nail varnish remover was a lack of product, I believe if it had 75ml instead of 50ml, it would have won! For those who prefer to use an acetone free nail varnish remover the Maybelline express remover works really well, just might be an idea to avoid using glittery nail varnishes!



  1. Great review! I love that Barry M colour! I actually bought a nail varnish remover pot from Home Bargains at 89p and it is utterly amazing! Always does the job and it's got a slight peach fragrance which is really nice.

    Sarah xx

    1. So many people say how good home bargains is, I have no idea where my nearest one is! The poundland one was pretty good, just needed some extra product. The peach one sounds really nice! I love peach xx