Thursday, 9 July 2015

Keep calm and bath bomb - mini bath bombs*

I love a relaxing bath, I have used quite a few different bath products, but never any miniature bath bombs.  I was really excited to try these mini bath bombs by mango cosmetics.  These can be bought here from Amazon and retails at £12.99 for a box of twenty.

The box of miniature bath bombs.

These bath bombs are tiny, I have included a picture below comparing them to LUSH's intergalactic bath bomb. It is recommended to use five bath bombs at one time. There are ten different scents with five scents in each box. My box contained twenty five bath bombs as I was able to use the recommended five bath bombs per bath and I had five baths. If boxes contain twenty bath bombs you would get four baths using the recommended amount of bath bombs.

5 mini bath bombs compared to LUSH's intergalactic.

There is little information about Mango Cosmetics on the packaging or on Amazon. I could only find these bath bombs online, maybe they are a newer brand looking to expand, but I am not too sure. The bath bombs arrived within a few days of ordering and the box is sturdy enough to hold the bath bombs, though there was residue in the bottom that leaked.

five different scents of miniature bath bombs.

The smell as I opened the box was very strong.  The smell was a mixture of the scents of the bath bombs, but overall, very floral and slightly sweet. The lavender bath bombs had the most recognisable scent out of the five I had, I also had rose and lemon, but unsure on the other two. The bath bombs fizz a small amount in the bath and vary with how much they make the water change colour. The lavender, the lemon and the ocean dreams were the best three for changing the colour of the water, the other two did not change the colour at all, as shown below. The bath bombs did not have any benefits to my skin.

The rose bath bomb did not change the colour of the water.

Ocean blue gave the water a lovely sky blue colour.

I enjoyed using these bath bombs, they are a novelty and did make the water smell nice. I would not recommend these to people who prefer a bath bomb that gives the water a lot of colour, fizzes around the bath and makes your skin feel softer. These are more suited to those who want a scent in the bath with a very subtle colour difference to the water. A reviewer on Amazon said they will let her daughter use these, these could be fun for children too but parental supervision would be required as they are small.

*These bath bombs were not sent to me to review, but I had a code that enabled them to get them for free as I am a reviewer, so I have marked this as PR.


  1. I love bath bombs but I tend to have showers more. However, the times that I have had a bath with a Lush bath bomb I feel like I then need a shower just in case I'm stained with the colour of the product. I prefer the subtle hint of colour. I will definitely be checking this place out.

    1. That is understandable, I love a bright bath and their products have never stained my skin, but these bath bombs are definitely are subtle and have a lovely smell so you may prefer these, plus you could just add 2 or 3 in :) x

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