Wednesday, 15 July 2015

LUSH think pink bath ballistic

This is a bath bomb I have seen reviewed a fair amount on beauty blogs. I really struggled to find this, until I visited LUSH Oxford Street. As far as I know, this is not a LUSH Oxford Street exclusive, but 2 stores I visited did not have this bath ballistic. At £2.65, this is cheaper then most bath bombs, but as shown below, it is smaller then the standard size of a LUSH bath bomb, the bath bomb on the left is guardian of the forest, a LUSH Oxford Street exclusive.

Think pink has a very sweet smell, it has a sweet vanilla/caramel scent with a hint of lavender. Think pink contains vanilla absolute, tonka absolute and lavender oil, all of these are known for their scents and lavender can have a relaxing effect on some people. Neroil oil is used for its toning effect on the skin. This bath bomb will not moisturise your skin like some of the other LUSH products do, but it will certainly not dry it out either.

Once think pink has dissolved, you are left with pink bath water and heart shaped confetti, which I thought was cute. The hearts do sink to the bottom but swirling the water with your hand makes the hearts float again briefly. I found unlike some of LUSH's bah products, think pink dissolves on its own without the need of me breaking it down.

Considering this bath bomb is smaller, it is quite powerful! It makes your water pink and has a strong scent. I cannot wait to get my hands on this again. Though a warning, this did slightly stain my mum's bath. I do not know if this was just mine that had this problem, but next time I use it, I will be in the bath for a shorter amount of time! Have you tried LUSH's think pink?


  1. That is one pink bath! I love it ahah, never tried Think Pink but just look how pretty!! xx

    1. I was surprised how strong the colour was!! It is so pretty, I had no idea about the confetti inside! xx