Thursday, 13 August 2015

MUA Cosmetics - The Artiste Collection

The first thing that struck me about The Artiste Collection was the marbled eye shadows.  I was lucky to win this palette by MUA Cosmetics and I love that this palette has a bit of everything in. It is described on the back as a "multi-use palette" which is very accurate as you get 6 eye shadows, 2 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. This costs £6.00 which I think is a bargain!

MUA The Artiste Collection palette

MUA cosmetics is available to buy in Superdrug or their own website. Despite the £6 price tag, the case is sturdy and comes with a double ended sponge applicator which I have used and works fine for using 1 shade, but I prefer using a brush for blending. I also like you can see through the lid, which means you can see the shades before you buy if there are no testers available. The downside of this means there is no mirror on the inside of the lid.

The eye shadows are shimmery and are pigmented, my favourites are mocca and chocolate which can be used together for a natural shimmery look. The eye shadows last a few hours and they are buildable which is great as you are able to control how strong the colour(s) are. I prefer to go for a subtle look but you can make some bolder looks, especially with Grape and Ice which are quite bold shades.

A close up of the marbling effect on the eye shadows.

I am not one for wearing blusher, this is due to having a skin condition called Rosacea, which gives me red cheeks and a natural glow. I have used both blushers and I prefer Pink Sparkle, it is a lovely shimmery peach shade, you only need to use a little of this to get a healthy glow and it suits my pale skin better. Primrose is definitely suited to a darker skin tone to mine, but it is great MUA put 2 different blushers in the palette. I have used the bronzer and highlighter too. I find being very pale the bronzer is too dark for me even when using a tiny amount, but it does blend well. The highlighter is shimmery and I found it difficult to photograph in the light but it is a very light pink shade.

Swatches of MUA The Artiste Collection
Taken in natural light, no primer used.

I do not use every part of this palette but I think this is great to take away with you on holiday if you want to travel lighter. This could also be a great starter palette for someone wanting to try blush, bronzer and highlighting for the first time as it only costs £6. The colours all blend well and is great value for money. I am very glad to have this in my collection and I am going to take this with me on holiday at the end of the month. Would you buy a multi-use palette?


  1. The colours looks lovely but I think they're too bold for me. I prefer nude palettes with colours that can be blended together. Looks like a great must have for the ones who would brave these gorgeous colours, the grape colour would be my favourite but I've never considered a multi-use palette, suppose it's a good idea for those on a budget or like you say, those who want to travel light. x

    1. I love a nude palette too! I had not considered using one until I won this, I don't know if I would have even bought one, but I think they are a fab idea! Thank you for reading x

  2. I love marble eyeshadows their so versatile! Great review hun!

    1. These are the first one I have ever used and I think they are great! Thank you for reading :) x

  3. Ooooh this is pretty!!! :D

    Bex x