Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer empties

After my bag of empties started to over flow, I decided it would be a good idea to show you some of the things I have used up as well as give a quick overview of them. I still have more empties which I will post later on in the month so check out for that post!

I divided up the post into two halves starting with Sanctuary's body butter. this has a lovely light scent, which smells like the rest of their range and their candle! I find this thinner then other body butters but pleasant enough to use. I may re purchase this.
Soap and Glory's scrub 'em & leave 'em body buff was a bit of a disappointment, I found this very watery and you need to use a lot of it, it smells nice but I will not be repurchasing.
I have enjoyed using the body shop's seaweed clarifying toner. It was nice to use without any scent. I have purchased the Vitamin E hydrating toner and prefer that, but would recommend the seaweed one if someone wanted a toner with no hydrations.
The pure exfoliating wipes are under £1 and are not that good. I stopped using make up wipes but I like to have them! I find these are okay for wanting to freshen up during the warmer weather. I think I will buy some baby wipes instead of these.
Lastly is the Nivea pearl & beauty. I normally like Nivea's products but this is awful. I have to use roll on deodorants due to having asthma, this leaves a horrible residue which you scrape off. I will not be repurchasing this!

Time for the second section! My favourite body scrub. This is the body shop's sweet lemon body scrub which has unfortunately been discontinued as has the rest of the range. But it made my skin feel so smooth. I am on the hunt for something else similar, let me know what body scrubs you like!
The Nivea express hydration primer is one of my favourite Nivea products, it provides a lovely base for my make up. The bad thing is they have changed the packaging to make it cheaper, so I am trying a new primer that is cheaper then this one. If I cannot get on with the one I will be using, then I will definitely get this, even if the packaging is cheaper.
Next is these Athena cosmetic pads. These are large cotton pads and they are terrible! They fall apart and if used for removing nail varnish, sticks to your nails. I will not be repurchasing these.
Next is a sample of MAC's prep + prime. I loved using this but I will not be using this due to its price, which unfortunately is out of my price range due to being a poor student!
Lastly is the Body Shop's peppermint foot scrub. I have nothing to compare it too, but I love its strong scent and I have already bought the full size version. If anyone knows of any other foot scrubs, let me know! I would love to try others to have something to compare this too!

That is it, for now. As I said above I nearly have enough to do another 10 empties post which will probably be out towards the end of the month! Let me know if you have finished any products up recently and whether you will repurchase them!


  1. I'm so sad the Sweet Lemon Body scrub was discontinued because I definitely would have picked that up, I bet it smelt amazing!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It was gorgeous! As it is described it smells of sweet lemon, I really hope it comes back into the future! x

  2. I love Body Shop body butters, they are just amazing

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. So do I, I love their variety of scents! Loving the new virgin mojito body butter at the moment! x