Sunday, 20 September 2015

Empties #2

I decided it would be a good idea to save up all my empties and I now have a huge bag overflowing with empty bottles and packaging! This will be one post of 3 coming up in the next few weeks! Here is a link to my last empties post. I will talk about each thing briefly and let you know if I liked them. It is very rare I throw something away without using it, I am one of those who will use things up, even if I do not like them!

Firstly is the Tresemmé conditioner. Both the shampoo and conditioner on the left are a part of the breakage defence range. I bought all of these 900ml bottles for £2 which is a bargain. Did it really help against breakages? No, not really, I am not sure if any high street hair products that are not expensive can really help prevent breakages. For the money they are great, these are not the best shampoo and conditioners out there but they did condition my hair, as a student on a tight budget, I will be buying more of these! The shampoo lathers up well and did not dry my hair out like other shampoos I have tried.

I wrote a blog post about the keep calm and bath bomb, bath bombs. It was very difficult to distinguish between the five different scents, but I found them pleasant enough to use. I would not recommend these unless you would like a bath bomb that only slightly changes the colour of the water and gives a scent.

Next is the Zoella soak opera. I have not done an individual post about this because by the time I decided I should, I ran out of product! I really like this, there is a light scent and it produces bubbles. I am not one for having lots of bubbles in my bath so this lasted me ages, but some may only get a few uses out of it. One advantage of using this rather than a bubble bar is that you do not hurt your hands under the hot water! My bath water is hot and cannot be reduced in temperature so using a bottle was really good for me! This generally costs £5, but is on offer for £4 online on the Superdrug website, and for the amount of baths I got, it is fantastic value for money! I reviewed Zoella's scrubbing me softly and creamy madly dreamy body lotion if you want to read more about her range.

Lastly is another Tresemmé conditioner. This is a part of the salon silk range. I am sure I used up the shampoo but I am not sure where the bottle went! I tend to use more conditioner and I found this one to be more conditioning on the hair then the breakage defence conditioner. This would be the one I recommend more, but everyone's hair is different. Again as I am on a tight budget, getting 900ml of product is great value at £2 when it is on offer and I will be picking up more of these when I am back at university!

I hope you like these empties posts, the next empties post has double the amount of products, so keep a lookout for that! Let me know if you have used any of these products or if you would like to try them! 


  1. Great post lovely! My latest post is an empties too, haha. I've heard great things about the conditioner and is such great value for money - need to pick one up for myself!

    Sarah xx

    1. Honestly if you can get them for £2 they are a bargain! I think I got them in Wilkos! xx

  2. Great empties! I love the tresemee shampoos and conditioners I find they smell sooo good and they make my hair really soft! But I totally agree, I never see a difference for the breakage!