Tuesday, 8 September 2015

My visit to Brighton

Brighton pier

Aged 23 I went on my first holiday, my boyfriend and I spent the back holiday weekend in Brighton, East Sussex, England. I do not have a passport so we had to stay in the U.K. I have always wanted to visit Brighton, especially the lanes and the sea side.

Brighton clock tower

We shared an apartment and was very lucky to have it to ourselves most of the time! I loved the design of the apartment and I loved the bath, it would be my dream bath, a deep bath with taps in the middle. We was so close to the beach, we walked out of the front door and could see it looking down the hill.

We stayed for 2 nights and spent most of our time looking around and relaxing. The weather was mainly cloudy with light rain, but we had not travelled a few hours just to sit indoors, I was determined to eat sticks of rock and ice cream on the beach even if it was raining!

Without a LUSH in my town, I always check to see if there is one where I am travelling. Brighton has a LUSH and as my boyfriend had to buy presents, it would have been rude to not have a look in there! The staff at LUSH Brighton are so nice, I was in there a long time talking to them all an they were so helpful and friendly.  My boyfriend treated me to a few pieces which will be on my blog in the upcoming weeks! Unfortunately the butterball did not make it home, I used it while I was there!

LUSH Brighton

For me, a trip to the beach is not complete without arcades and ice cream! We certainly had our fair share of ice cream ranging from bubblegum to a big 99! One of the things I loved about Brighton is that there are so many shops, you will sometimes get more then 1 of the same shop! It was really nice walking around shops without seeing lots of empty ones!

bubblegum ice cream Brightonice cream Brighton ThorntonsIce cream Brighton pier

We also could not visit Brighton without going on to the pier. We decided to go to the pier during the evening and not as a result of us both falling asleep on the sofa Okay we may have had a nap but I am so glad we went to the pier in the evening, it was beautifully lit up and full of arcades! We sat on the beach too and it was so peaceful with few people on the beach, listening to the waves. 

arcades Brighton pier

One of the things we did in Brighton was visit the Lego shop, it has loads of Lego from Star wars to Minecraft, to the Simpsons. We decided to make a figure each then shared the last one. The left one is my boyfriend whose Lego character is holding a pizza, I am in the middle holding a seagull and the right one is one we randomly made. I thought this was something different to buy as a memento of our time in Brighton.

Lego Brighton

I would love to visit Brighton again, everything looked nice and there are so many bright colours, no pushing and shoving, just a really friendly place to be. Normally I get anxious when travelling to somewhere new but I was at ease. I would love to know if you have been on holiday over the summer or planning to travel soon! I really want to travel more and plan to do so next year! There are more pictures on my facebook page if you would like to see more! 


  1. I love Brighton, it's such a lovely place full of things to explore :)

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

    1. It is really nice there! Cannot wait to be back there! Thank you for reading :) x

  2. I've never been to Brighton but it looks and sounds great! There seems to be lots to do and sounds like you's enjoyed your little holiday

    1. Yeah we had a lovely time :) I would love to explore there again and maybe stay there longer! x