Saturday, 5 September 2015

Stationery Essentials

It is that time of year where some are going back to education after the summer holidays. This is a wonderful time of year for stationery lovers as many shops bring out a "back to school" range. I will be going back to university towards the end of September and I thought I would show some of the stationery bits and pieces I will be bringing to university with me.

Stabilo point 88 pens

I firstly start with my pride and joy of my stationery collection. This is a set of 24 Stabilo point 88 pens. At college I had a set of 8 of these and for university I invested in a bigger set. I love to write in different colours, I write different points or topics in different colours which makes revising from my notes so much easier. Colourful pens are a must for visual learners!

Crayola felt tip pens

Another great buy for visual learners are felt tip pens. When revising for exams I like to draw posters and stick them around the house! I put them in my room, the bathroom and in the hallway, it is surprising how much you remember by glancing at a poster a few times a day! These also double up as highlighters too!
black pens for school

Next is black pens. When I was at school, especially for exams, you had to write in black pen. I always advise to buy a few pens or buy a packet of them, it is good to have a spare for when your pen runs out of ink or to lend to someone else.

different coloured highlighters

Next are highlighters, throughout school, college and university I was given so many handouts and power point slides in boring black and white. To be honest, I would rarely read them once I was home. I found highlighting them in class meant I had the key points ready without having to read the whole thing. Again I think it is handy to have at least 2 highlighters for different key points.

Academic Diary 2015-2016

Next is a diary, you have probably been told you should be more organised, write everything down. In school I was given a boring planner and you was supposed to write your homework in and like before, I did not do this, it was used for me and my friends to graffiti in or rip out to send notes around class. But I recently wanted to become more organised with my university work and my blog so I bought an academic diary. I have written in it everyday so far. It is not the most interesting of design but I am going to decorate it with stickers. In your own diary/planner you can write in any colour and I honestly think this keeps me motivated to write in it as I can use my pens to make it colourful.

The Big Bang Theory note book
PAC-MAN note book

Next are notebooks, many schools provide exercise books but as you go into college and university, you will have to provide your own. I used to use A4 sized notebooks but I found them too bulky and heavy. I also find A5 note books great for home, I write down ideas or shopping lists and I can rip out the pages, which I do not want to do in my academic diary. I also find that smaller notebooks have really cute designs and who can resist a cute looking notebook?!

post-it notes cute stationery

Lastly are post-it notes, I have different shape and sized ones. The pear one on the right is non stick, I will write things down that are only a few words long that I feel like will get lost in a big notebook, it could be a website or a name of a film. the others are sticky ones, these are great if you borrow library books, which if you go to university, you will be doing often! Sometimes I will stick these in my notebooks to mark pages, this is great if you find some notes that might be relevant later on!

These are my stationery essentials, let me know what is your favourite piece of stationery you own is! For me it is my Stabilo pens but I also love the you make me smile post-it notes as they were sent to me by a friend.


  1. Haha Stabilo point 88 pens are my life ^^ Great post!

    Z ♥

    1. I know that feeling, they are mine too! x

  2. Those Stabilo pens are my life, I use them for uni notes constantly. Actually got a new set for my back to uni haul too :')

    1. Haha I use them all the time too! They are so good, they make me so happy :D I need to see if I am missing any shades! x

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