Sunday, 22 November 2015

Cybercandy haul

My flat mate Jen and I went into London to do some sightseeing and to buy some sweets that are not regularly available to buy in the United Kingdom. I saw this as an opportunity that I will not repeat in the near future so I went over the top. This is one of four blog posts that will be sweet/candy related! 

cyber candy haul

The first shop we visited was cyber candy. I had browsed cyber candy's website several times but had never ordered from them. When I discovered they had a shop in London, I had to visit! I spent a total of £7.41 on the items in the picture. I will try my best to describe the taste of what I bought, but will be comparing them to sweets available in the United Kingdom! 

Firstly probably my least favourite things the cow tales. One is caramel apple flavour and the other is chocolate, The chocolate one was my favourite of the two. I can only describe these as strawberry laces but alternative flavours which did not work.

Björnar swedish sweets

Next is my second favourite thing, Björnar. I am lucky enough to have a few Swedish friends who confirmed they are sold there. The green packet are sour and the pink pack are sweet. These are like small Haribo teddy bears with a texture of a jelly baby. As someone who loves sour sweets, I particularly liked the sour Björnar and the sweet ones are nice too, I definitely want to buy more of them! 

freddo Australia mint strawberry

Next are the Freddo frogs in the UK we have the milk chocolate one and the caramel one (which totally is not a Taz). I believe these are sold in Australia and was surprised that they had strawberry and peppermint cream in the middle. The dairy milk chocolate tastes exactly the same as what is sold in the UK. I did like these but it is unlikely I will buy them again, unless I find more flavours available.

milky way simply caramel

Next is my favourite thing by far. I think these are sold in the states and I wished I bought 10 more! I have to describe this as the offspring of a mars bar and a milky way. I will definitely be buying another one of these!

Lastly are the 4 smaller bits. The lollipop is sour apple with a bubblegum centre.  There was a variety of lollipop flavours to choose from and did not cost too much so I will try another flavour next time. The red rectangle is bubble gum that came with a dragon tattoo. At 12p it tasted very poor quality and the sweetness did not last very long. Finally are the 2 Brause fizzy tablets. These are tablets you put into water and they make flavoured water. I have tried the lemon one and it was difficult to dissolve in warm water and did not taste very sweet, I will not be buying this again.

I really enjoyed trying candy from around the world, there will be more posts featuring what I bought in China town and in the Japan centre. Let me know in the comments which of these you would like to try!


  1. Milky Way caramel is the best!! I hate cow tails though, I think they're so disgusting haha. Great post!
    xo Kiki

    1. Seems like we have similar tastes! Thank you for reading! x