Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tanya Burr Cosmetics advent calendar

With Christmas approaching there is a massive variety of advent calendars available from the classic chocolate, to beauty and candle advent calendars! Last year was the first time I had an advent calendar for many years and this year my partner offered to buy me a beauty advent calendar of my choice. I chose Tanya Burr's advent calendar firstly due it having £10 off the £24.99 recommended retail price in Superdrug and secondly I wanted to try a few of the products inside! This blog post will show pictures of exactly what you get inside Tanya Burr Cosmetic's deck the hauls beauty calendar, if you do not want to see these pictures, I would suggest checking out another one of my blog posts!

Tanya Burr cosmetics deck the hauls beauty calendar

The back of the box states 2 nail polishes, 3 lip glosses, 2 lashes, 2 eye shimmer pots, 2 nail files and a mirror. It also states the shades or names of them but does not show what colours they are. This is where I come in! I needed some lashes and I always want more nail polishes so I opened mine very early.

Tanya Burr cosmetics 12 days of Christmas

Days 01 and 07 contain an eye shimmer pot in the shades creme brulee and starry night respectively. Creme brulee is a very bronze golden shade with some glitter, this is my favourite of the 2. Starry night is a dark grey with a lot of glitter, in my opinion a bit too much. The shimmer pots are of an okay quality, they feel a little on the cheap side but I suppose that is to keep down the costs.

Tanya Burr cosmetics creme brulee starry night eye shimmer pots

Days 02, 06 and 11 contain the lip glosses in the shades macaroon, bewitching and candy frost respectively.  Macaroon is a baby pink shimmery shade, bewitching is a deep red-purple shimmery shade and candy frost is a very bright pink, again, with shimmer. I like all of the 3 shades and they feel as high quality as the full sized ones sold in the shops. All 3 smell very close to the Yankee candle called vanilla frosting which is very festive, I am looking forward to trying these! All 3 contain 5ml of product which is a third less then the full sized ones which contain 7.5ml but these will be great for my bag!

Tanya Burr cosmetics macaroon bewitching candy frost lip gloss

Days 03 and 12 are the 2 nail polishes under the sea and carnival night. I have featured a Tanya Burr Cosmetics nail varnish before called pick 'n' mix. These nail varnishes have the same amount of product as those sold in the shop, 9ml and feel high quality. Under the sea is a really dark blue grey shade full of green, blue and silver glitter. My favourite, carnival night, is a lovely purple shade with lots of different colours of glitter inside, this is potentially the nail varnish I will wear on Christmas day! The only issue I had was both of mine were very difficult to open at first.

Tanya Burr cosmetics under the sea carnival night nail polish

Days 04 and 08 see the nail files. I have so little to say about these. The plastic Tanya Burr sticker were peeling on both of them and there is only 1 side you can file your nails with. I am disappointed with these, they look cute enough but I think they could have at least been double sided.

Tanya Burr cosmetics nail files mirror

Days 05 and 09 contain the lashes. These were the main reason of buying these, I really wanted to try the lashes so I am really looking forward to trying them out! There is only 1 lot of glue for the 2 pairs which I think is okay, again cuts down on the cost a little. The lashes are called the girl next door and party girl. The lashes are not in as nice packaging as the ones sold in the shop but the packaging is decent quality.

Tanya Burr cosmetics girl next door party girl eye lashes

Lastly day 10 contains the mirror. Inside is 2 mirrors, one that shows closer up then the other. The mirror is handy for a bag looks cute and feels of an okay quality but I notice mine has scratch marks at the back. I have a lot of mirrors already so I am not too bothered by it but it can make a nice addition to a bag or make up bag.

So there is Tanya Burr Cosmetic's deck the hauls  12 day beauty advent calendar. Overall I am really happy with the contents, especially as there are a lot of exclusives. I would recommend this for those who are a fan of Tanya or want to try out some exclusive products. I think this was worth the £24.99 retail price considering the nail polishes and lashes alone retail for around £20 in total! Let me know what you think of the advent calendar and let me know if you have an advent calendar to open in December, I know I do not any more!


  1. This is such a great idea! I still haven't tried any of Tanya Burr's products, but I'm a huge fan of her channel so I feel like I'm missing out on something. For this year I will limit myself to the supermarket's advent calendar, just because it's so cheap lol! Which advent calendar are you planning to get?

    Assia |

    1. Thank you, I am a big fan of her channel too! She is so nice and I love her make up tutorials. Well since I had this one, I am not sure if I will buy another one, but I would really like a yankee one of maybe bomb cosmetics if they do one! Thank you for reading :) x

  2. I don't really wear lip gloss but those colours are gorgeous! The nail polishes look really nice too :)

    Kimberley xx //

    1. they are really nice, thank you for reading xx