Wednesday, 16 December 2015

LUSH Milky bath

Normally when I buy something in LUSH, it is colourful and brighten the bath, but sometimes it is good to buy something that looks a little more plain, but is really good for the skin. The milky bath bubble bar is fairly simple in both scent and its design, but it does wonders for the skin! I bought this while in Brighton and as usual the staff were so helpful and friendly.

LUSH Milky bath

I used all of my milky bath in one go, but you could definitely get two baths out of this bubble bar. Retailing at £3.75, this is slightly cheaper then some of the other bubble bars LUSH offer and for that you get a lovely bubbly bath, or two and your skin feels so soft thanks to the cocoa butter. The scent is a slightly sweet milk scent, this is as a result of the skimmed milk, but it is really subtle. This is one of my new favourite bubble bars, and I cannot wait to buy another one, it produces lots of bubbles!

LUSH Milky bath bubble bar

Let me know if you have tried LUSH's milky bath bubble bar or can recommend me any thing from LUSH, I love trying out new products!


  1. I love this one too :)! It made my skin sooo soft. I can't believe you used it all at once though, I bet that was a super luxurious bath!!


    1. I had so many products to use up before I moved to uni and do not have a bath any more! But it was a really nice bath :) thank you for reading xx