Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions 2016!

New Years Resolutions 2016

Happy New year everyone! It is that time of year where we reflect back on the previous year at what we did *or did not* achieve. 2016 is going to be a very important year for me as I leave university and will head into the real world! I am not one for writing any New Year's resolutions as generally I fail them, but this year I am going to make them more realistic and I thought I would share them with you!

1) Get a 2:1 in my degree. I am in my final year of Criminology and I would love to get the best grade possible. I generally get 2:1 or firsts in my work so I am aiming for a 2:1 overall in my degree. I am in the process of writing a 10,000 word dissertation along with my exams and other essays I have to complete.

2) Get a passport. I have never been abroad nor had a passport. But I do really want to get a passport. It can be quite tricky to get a passport if you are an adult who has not had one. You need to have a full birth certificate (which mine had errors on, already fixed this through a registrar), a professional to counter sign, which I now have and you need information about your parents. This is an issue for me as I have never had my father in my life and my mum does not remember all of the information required, this is something I am hoping to get help with in 2016!

3) Meet more people. I am quite nervous at meeting new people, I want to make a good first impression. As I am so nervous I may act quite strange or say very little which does not give a good impression. I am hoping to talk more and meet new people and gain confidence in talking to people face to face.

4) Attend more blogging events. I would love to meet bloggers, I never know what events are taking place near by. I am going to keep more of an eye out on twitter and hopefully despite university, I can attend some events.

5) Walk more. I walk to university and into town, but neither are that far away from me. Despite living in this town for nearing two years, I do not know much of the town which I think is a shame. I also spend a lot of time indoors, I am not the biggest fan of being outside, especially alone. I suffer with anxiety and have had panic attacks in the past. But I am hoping to start with small steps and the more I go outside for a little walk, the less anxious I will feel when I know I have to go outside.

6) Give blood. One of my goals for last year was to give blood, which I did! I had been told in the past due to my very scarred throat, I may not be able to give blood but good news is I can. I did feel a little light headed but I would do it again. I am next due to give blood towards the end of March.

7) Write more blog posts in advance. I am absolutely terrible for keeping a schedule and writing posts in advance. I am hoping to at least write some posts in advance for the days where I do not feel motivated to blog.

8) Lastly is be more organised. I am so forgetful but I am also stubborn and think I will remember to do everything I need to, often I do not. I have a planner that I will start writing in and hopefully I can make the most out of my time.

That is everything! I would love to know what your New Year's Resolutions are!


  1. My fingers are crossed for your passport =]

  2. You have some awesome goals and good luck on your Crimnology degree! :)


  3. You have some great goals! I aim to walk more around my city too, not just to and from uni but actually see the city ahaha. Good luck with your passport! xx

    Kimberley //

    1. Thank you! Yeah I just walk to uni and back and I have to walk through the town centre to get to the university xx

  4. Aww Laura I didn't know you gave blood! I would love to do this too, it's such a brilliant thing to do :) fingers crossed you get your passport ASAP! I also believe it might be easier if you can go to the embassy yourself in London, if you can manage to book an appointment :) xxx

    1. Yeah I do, well I just started giving blood! Yeah I never thought of that, I want to get it sorted as soon as possible xxx