Monday, 15 February 2016

Mani Monday - Claire's Cosmetics

Hello everyone this Mani Monday features a brand that I often forget does make up and nail polish and is not featured much here; it is Claire's Accessories. Many years ago I got my ear pierced in Claire's Accessories and it is a shop I mainly associate with jewellery. A little while ago I bought some nail polishes in there when they had a sale, they only cost me 50p each instead of the £2.25 which they normally retail at.

Claire's accessories nail polish

The thing I find most unusual about Claire's Cosmetic's nail polishes is that they do not have a name, which makes it difficult to differentiate between the many different shades they sell. The formula is extremely glossy as seen in the pictures and is a really rich, deep purple in colour. This formula is supposed to be chip resistant and this delivers! I have worn this nail polish for 8 days and there is very minimal chipping at the ends of my nails, without a top coat.

Claire's cosmetics nail varnish

The only issue I have experienced is that the colour is crackling. It does not affect the colour and from a distance no one will see it, but close up you can see cracks, I have a feeling this would be improved with a clear top coat.

Claire's accessories mani monday

Overall this nail polish is an absolute steal at 50p but even at £2.25 it competes really well with the other brands on the high street. I really recommend popping into Claire's and checking out what they have, especially when they have a sale on, so you can pick up a bargain! Have you ever tried nail polishes from Claire's? Let me know what you think below.

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