Monday, 29 February 2016

Mani Monday - Max Factor chilled lilac

Hello everyone! Today's Mani Monday features a gorgeous lilac shade from Max Factor.  This is the only Max Factor nail polish I have in my nail polish collection and it is the only lilac nail polish I own!

This shade is really glossy but requires 3 coats to get a solid colour. Some lighter shades can be streaky but I have had no issues with streaks, which is a good sign about the quality of the formula. The formula dries pretty quickly and is buildable, so using 3 coats is not a problem. For me without a top coat, I found the polish to last a few days without chipping, but it will not last the whole week.

This nail polish costs £4.99 for 4.5ml of product, which is a little on the expensive side as normally for £4.99, you get around double the product. Max Factor's nail polish bottles are really high quality, they are very heavy, the only downside is the sticker used on the bottle.

Overall you do not get much product for your money, but the formula is smooth and very glossy. I am not sure if I would buy one of these again, but I would like to try their "Glossfinity" range. Have you ever tried Max Factor's nail polishes?


  1. this is such a lovely color, definitely something i would wear!

    danielle | avec danielle

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