Friday, 19 February 2016

The Lush tag!

Hello everyone! I was tagged by Lulu from LushUponATime and Kimberley from TheColourChronicles to do the Lush tag! Thank you both for tagging me! I do love Lush products but I do tend to stick to the same products, this tag post made me realise I need to try out so many more products! I added some of my favourite Lush pictures I have taken, I especially love taking pictures of bath bombs!

The Lush tag

What was your first?

1) Lush bath bomb?
Dragon's egg

2) Lush bubble bar?
The comforter

3) Lush massage bar?
I have never used a massage bar

4) Lush kitchen item?
I have not bought anything from Lush kitchen

5) Lush shower gel/cream?
The comforter

6) Lush shower jelly?
Whoosh shower jelly

7) Lush fresh face mask?
Don't look at me fresh face mask

8) Lush bar of soap?
Somewhere over the rainbow
Lush The ExperimenterLush shower jelly fun

What is your favourite?

1) Lush store?
Even though I have been to the Oxford Street shop and there is so much more choice there, the staff were a bit too pushy for my liking, they would not leave me alone (I know they are trying to get sales and management are telling them to do this, but I do find it annoying personally). My favourite store is the Brighton store, I really liked the layout and the staff were helpful without being overly pushy.

2) Lush bath bomb?
This is difficult, I love the dragon's egg as it smells of lemon sherbet but I also love intergalactic for it's mint scent and beautiful blue water it produces. Intergalactic might just win this!

3) Bubble bar? 
The comforter

4) Lush Massage bar? 
I have not tried one yet

5) Lush Kitchen item?
I have not bought anything from Lush kitchen

6) Lush shower gel?
Yuzu and cocoa

7) Lush shower jelly?

8) Lush fresh face mask?
Don't look at me fresh face mask

9) What Lush products would you like to see come back/not had the chance to try yet?
I feel like after this tag I need to try a massage bar and buy from the Lush kitchen. I would also like to try Lush's make up.

Lush Intergalactic bath bomb

I hope you enjoyed reading! I will tag my friend Lisa at Lisa's Beauty Spot and anyone else who is reading but has not done it yet! Let me know some of your favourite Lush products and what massage bar I should buy!


  1. Hey I just tweeted but I think this is easier aha.
    I totally get what you mean about the staff sometimes being pushy, luckily in my local store they're really good about letting you just get on with it.
    The comforter is amazing right!? It took me a while until I tried a massage bar too, but I recommend Tender is the Night as it smells amazing and they last ages as well. I'm still yet to try anything from the Lush kitchen as well, but I'm definitely intrigued...

    Abi x

    1. Hey, yeah no character limit here haha. Yeah they really can be and to be honest it can put me off, I would rather have a look then ask staff if I need any help. I will have a look into that massage bar, thank you for the recommendation and yeah I feel like I am missing out by not buying from the Lush kitchen! Thank you for reading x

  2. Ha, ha I find that with members of staff there too, my boyfriend said to one of them who wouldn't leave us alone as a joke 'she has at least one of everything here,' to be honest I probably do, I'm a junkie lol, she was like 'oh no honey, she does not...' But meant it if that makes sense? Not a joke at all lol, the same one did something similar to my sister in law too! lol my local is the best, they always tell new shop floor staff that I basically live there so to leave me alone �� - Love Lulu aka Lush Upon A Time 💖

    1. That is good, I do not go into my local one much, I feel I need to visit there soon! Thank you for tagging and reading x

  3. Oxford Street Lush is terrible for the pushy staff! When I was buying a lipstick, one girl was just staring at me smiling until I went to the till. I love the variety in there but I'd much rather go to another store!

    Blogger & The Geek

    1. I completely agree and yeah the staff really put me off there, I know it is what management tell them to do but I don't think they understand it can be really off putting! x